School Staff

Head Teacher Mrs Moira MacIver
Depute Head Teachers Mrs Dionne Cran (Nursery -P1)

Mrs Kay McAra (P2– P3)

Mrs Aileen McNair (P4 – P7)

Principal Teachers Mrs Elma Hampton

Mrs Jennifer Smith

Class Teachers Mrs Ruth Rose (Job-share)

Mrs Jacqueline Smith

Miss Gemma Green

Mrs Helen Chalmers (Job-Share)

Miss Claire Forbes (Job-share)

Mrs Maureen Budge

Mrs Janice McDonald

Miss Lauren Palmer

Miss Gemma Bicocchi

Miss Sarah MacNay (Job-share)

Mrs Alison Gordon (Job-share)

Ms Helena Menzies

Miss Kirsty Forbes

Mr Simon Heys

Miss Alex Crossan

Miss Heather Cowieson

Mr Leon Marongwe

Miss Emma Lohoar

Mrs Lesley Grant (Job-share)

Mrs Donna Hepburn (Job-share)

Additional Support for Learning
Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Katie Bremner

Mrs Sarah Christie

Mrs Amanda Davidson

Mrs Anne Goss

Mrs Pamela Jack

Mrs Gillian Joss

Mrs Nicola Rait

Mrs Debbie-Lynn Sangster

Mrs Morag Sim 

Mrs Shirley Stout

Mrs Diana Tait

Mrs Elaine Tierney 

Mrs Nicola Watson

Mrs Karen Cooper

Mrs Jeanette Taylor

Mrs Claudia Cabarcas

Mrs Jane Murtagh

Clerical and Administration Mrs Gillian Millar (School Administrator)

Mrs Jane Milne (School Support Assistant)

Mrs Roslyn Gordon (School Support Assistant)

Health Care Dr Alison Gillespie – School Doctor

Karen Goodwin- School Nurse (based at Hazlehead Academy)

Janitor Mr Stewart May
Early Years Practitioners (Nursery) Miss Chloe Deans

Mrs Lorraine Mitchell (Job-share)

Miss Ginny O’Rourke

Mrs Susan Wilson

School Minister Mrs Alisa McDonald
English as a Second Language (EAL)  Ruth Legdon
Vision Support Mrs Ruth Stuart
Hearing Support Mrs Victoria Smith
Pupil Support Miss Joanne Skelly
Visiting Music Instructors Mrs Shelagh Reid (Violin)

Miss Patricia Milne (Piano)

Mrs L Bolton (Woodwind)

Mr David Dowell  (Brass)

Mr Colin Black (Guitar)

Mr Sandy Nicol (Drums)

Specialist Teachers Anna Hamilton – Music

Mr Ian MacIndoe- Physical Education

Mrs Gillian Ramage – Physical Education

Active SportsCo-ordinator Mrs Wendy Carrick
Catering Staff Mrs Angela McKay – Unit Supervisor

Mrs Sue Fowler – Catering Assistant

Miss Moira Gill – Catering Assistant

Mrs Sharon Bruce – Catering Assistant

Mrs Gillian Ewen  – Catering Assistant


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