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Share Policy and Programme

Nursery – Primary 7

In taking the first steps towards developing a programme for Bankhead ASG we have taken into account the following considerations:

The ages of the pupils in relation to their understanding and stage of development Our desire to work in partnership with parents and in consultation with pupils The need to have direct procedures to enable parents to be consulted and to be able to raise concerns about sensitive areas of the curriculum The need to respect cultural, ethnic and religious differences as well as different home circumstances The need to ensure that care will be taken throughout the teaching to emphasise the importance of relationships based on love and respect.

What is (SHARE)?

Sexual Health and Relationship Education is an important aspect of every child’s personal and social development. It aims to encourage the four capacities in enabling young people to make informed, responsible and healthy choices about their lives, their relationships and their contribution to society. To do this effectively young people will need opportunities to:

Gain information, knowledge and understanding about a wide range of issues Develop and use the thinking, personal and social skills that will allow them to become confident in making the decisions and choices for themselves Consider their own and other people’s feelings, emotions and values Learn about their rights and responsibilities as well as those of others.

As SHARE begins in the home where children first become aware of their growing bodies and their relationships with others it is our aim to develop this policy with as much consultation and support of parents as possible. To this end, we hope to offer various opportunities to share information and develop a joint understanding about how we can work together to offer your children an appropriate programme of work for SHARE. We have responded to previous feedback and aim to work responding to the changing needs of Bankhead ASG pupils. If you have any further feedback this can be directed to The School Health Co-ordinator or Head Teacher .Your comments are always valuable.

Details about this development will be posted through school newsletters and on the school website over the coming year.

For Uses and Content Resource
  • Develop confidence self esteem and a sense of security.
  • Express appropriately feelings, needs and preferences.
  • Be aware of feeling good and of the importance of hygiene, diet, exercise and personal safety.
P1 – 4
  • Awareness of how their bodies grow and change.
  • Feelings and emotions.
  • Differences between Living Things.
  • General Hygiene.
  • How Did I get here?
  • Growing Up.
  • Recognise a range of emotions and how they deal with them.
Living and Growing Unit 1
  • Changes
  • How Babies are Made.
  • How Babies are Born.
Living and Growing Unit 2
  • Girl Talk.
  • Boy Talk.
  • Lets Talk About Sex.
Living and Growing Unit 3
School Advice A guide for Parents and Carers. Parents

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