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Safety In The Snow And Bad Weather

Since it will soon be snowy weather, we are just going to remind you how to be safe.


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Make sure you are wearing  cozy and suitable clothing, so you don’t get cold.

If you are driving make sure you can see through all the windows and go slow on wet or icy roads. If you are walking make sure you be careful and watch out for icy patches also don’t run on the ice.  Make sure not to throw snow balls at people because little things like stones, glass and grit could get into people’s eyes.

If you are going sledging with an adult or a couple of friends make sure you are sledging on a safe and fun place. If you are stuck in traffic in the snow or can’t get to school because of snow just get in contact with these numbers or email:

Telephone: +44 1224 740262
Fax: +44 1224 742425
E-Mail: kingswells@aberdeencity.gov.uk

To find out if school is open on a snowy day, use these contacts:

The National Rate Number 0870 054 1999
Pin Number For Kingswells 011440      

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