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External Links & Family Support

Money Savings

Label Planet This site provides stick in labels for identifying childrens clothing in the school. The PTA receive a commission of 15% sales if you quote the school number which is 11218

Family, Schooling and Support

Advocacy Service Aberdeen   Independent advocacy service for people who live in Aberdeen.  Everyone in Scotland who has a mental disorder (including learning disability) has a legal right to an independent advocate.

Aberdeen City Council Welfare Right Advice, information and representation on social security benefits, including DLA for people within Aberdeen City.

Aberdeen City Council FIS  Family Information Service covering childcare, education and family support.

Aberdeen Young Carers  VSA Young carers.  A young carer provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help.   A child could apply if for example, they have Autistic sibling, or an ill relative at home that they help to look after.  Each case is taken on it’s own merits.

ADHD Aberdeen Support, Advice and Information.

Enquire  Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning.

Integrated Children’s Services Plan  (Getting it right for every child).  Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Police, NHS Grampian and the Third Sector are committed to improving services and outcomes for children, young people and families in Aberdeen.

National Autistic Society  Help and advice.

One Parent Families Scotland Promoting supportive policies and services for lone parents and their children.

Parentzone Developing partnerships between parents and schools in Scotland.


Children’s Health Guide: Newborn to Teen


Language and Vocabulary

  • lexipedia Visual dictionary with voice feature



Foreign Language

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