Loch Insh 2013

Every year in P7 you go on a residential trip to Loch Insh water sport centre. You do many activities on the Loch and on land. We went in September when it was not to cold or to warm. Loch Insh is not to far away a bus or car drive from Kingswells, it is close to Aviemore .

Loch Insch 2013 1

The activities were fun but the instructors made it miles better by adding in challenges for each sport .  We some times played games with them.  They were helpful and supportive.  My friends and I were frightened to do some watersports but they reassured us.  They were cheerful despite being conscious of our safety.  They brightened up each activity and they always had a smile on their face.

Loch Insch 2013 2

At Loch Insh you do a range of activities on and off land.  My favourite was windsurfing but there was lots of good activities like: sailing,skiing,archery, raft building, problem solving and canoeing.  Some other good ones were kayaking, way finding, wide game, a boat trip and biking.

Loch Insch 2013 3

In Loch Insh the accommodation was comfortable and the restaurant was clean and tidy at all times. Our rooms were warm and our beds were comfy.  We had nice and clean showers and bathrooms.  The Insh hall was a good place to relax and chill.

Loch Insch 2013 4

We had a disco on the last night, it was really fun and the music was great. The lodge was very spacious.

Loch Insch 2013 5

We will never forget our time at Loch Inch!

Loch Insch 2013 6

Loch Insch 2013 10

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Media Crew & Primary 7


Our New Outdoor Classroom

Before the October holidays, parent helpers helped refurbish an old scrappy outdoor classroom into a brand new, shiny outdoor classroom.

We showed pictures of how it looked when it was just started.

Courtyard Makeover

All the old rubble and plants had to be cleared away.

Kingswells Courtyard4

The new classroom was officially opened as part of Mrs Glover’s retirement celebrations and we would like to thank APACHE for financially sponsoring the project so we could have a lovely area outside.

They got rid of the old flower beds and planted new flowers in pots.  We also got new benches and painted them a light pink colour, which makes the our door classroom nice and bright.

Outdoor Classroom 4

Outdoor Classroom 2

To decorate the classroom every child in the school had to draw and decorate a tile with a nature theme.  We made them by drawing a rough copy and then using special pens.  The PTA put them into a ceramic oven so that the drawings wouldn’t come off the tiles in bad weather outside.   We all wrote our names on the tiles we made.

Outdoor Classroom 5

For a present for Mrs Glover  leaving the P.T.A made a tile for Mrs Glover that had her name and a picture of our owl mascot on it.

Outdoor Classroom 3

Outdoor Classroom 6

Outdoor Classroom 7

We’re all looking forward to using it.

Happy Retirement Mrs Glover: Farewell Assembly

The whole school participated in a farewell assembly for Mrs Glover on Thursday.  There were lots of surprises for Mrs Glover, including her husband, daughters and some grandchildren.

Mrs Glover taught Hannah Miley, the Olympic Swimmer, when Hannah was in Primary 1 and Primary 2, and she surprised the school with a special guest appearance.  Everyone had a great time and got involved, including the staff.

The parents presents were there for children to see, and an extra special present was a painting made with the tiny fingerprints of every pupil in the school…

The whole school enjoyed a fabulous assembly for a well loved Headteacher.

Mrs Glover 1

Mrs Glover 2

Mrs Glover 3

Mrs Glover 4

Hannah Miley