Photos from Mrs. MacIver’s mid week visit to Loch Insh

Our Primary 7 pupils have been enjoying lots of outdoor activities at Loch Insh this week on their 5 day residential trip.  We really hope they all had a great time away.  Mrs. MacIver went along to pay them a visit for the day on Wednesday and wanted to share some of her photographs with you.  It looks like they were having a lot of fun trying so many different activities…..


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Kingswells Parent Council and PTA AGM – Monday 8th September @ 1900

You are invited to attend Kingswells School Parent Council and PTA AGM on Monday 8th September at 7pm at Kingswells School.

There will be a short presentation from the Parent Council and PTA activities and accounts.

Mrs. MacIver, Acting Head Teacher, will share an overview of the developments within the school in the past academic year as well as the priorities the school will be working on going forward.

Councilor Delaney will also be available for a short question and answer session with parents to discuss issues affecting our local community including housing development, transport and super fast broadband.

If you are interested in learning more about what goes on at Kingswells School, please come along. This can be to contribute or just to listen. It may reassure you to know that we already have nominations for the major roles on both committees so you will not feel pressured into making any commitments.