Happy Retirement Mrs Glover: Farewell Assembly

The whole school participated in a farewell assembly for Mrs Glover on Thursday.  There were lots of surprises for Mrs Glover, including her husband, daughters and some grandchildren.

Mrs Glover taught Hannah Miley, the Olympic Swimmer, when Hannah was in Primary 1 and Primary 2, and she surprised the school with a special guest appearance.  Everyone had a great time and got involved, including the staff.

The parents presents were there for children to see, and an extra special present was a painting made with the tiny fingerprints of every pupil in the school…

The whole school enjoyed a fabulous assembly for a well loved Headteacher.

Mrs Glover 1

Mrs Glover 2

Mrs Glover 3

Mrs Glover 4

Hannah Miley

Happy Retirement Mrs Glover: Parents Tea Party

After 7 years as Headmistress at Kingswells Primary School, Mrs Glover is paying the school a sad farewell at the end of this school term.  To start off her retirement, she is planning a lovely holiday in South America and then spending some well-earned time in her garden.

The parents who appreciate all that she has done over the last 7 years got together to buy some gifts and to give Mrs Glover a send off she would appreciate.

Mrs Glover (left) had no idea that she was going to be guest of honour at our local community centre with a traditional tea party, fancy cakes and gorgeous sandwiches.

Mrs Glover

The tables were set beautifully with bunting and balloons decorating the room.

Tea Party 2

Happy Retirement Balloon

Tea Party B

Tea Party A

When she arrived, she was completely surprised to see parents sitting waiting to chat.

Mrs Glover 2

photo (2)

There were several gifts for Mrs Glover and how she didn’t find out about it is a mystery as most of the children in school knew about the tea party and that there would be gifts.

Gifts from parents were a weekend break at Ballathie House in Perthshire, a set of pewter Aberdeen coasters with an additional Kingswells Primary one added to the set, champagne and champagne flutes.

A lovely bench for her garden was inscribed with:

“Thanks for inspiring us to be more than we thought we could be.”

Parents Gifts 2

Parents Gifts



Manga High

Manga high is a maths game in which you earn medals and awards to earn points to move up the leaderboard.

We were FIRST overall for the month May. But now we are 40th for June.  The fact you can get gold medals encourages people.  Manga High is really cool because you can get medals and I think we are doing really well.

“A fun educational game for kids.”

“Manga High is a really good game and I hope that Kingswells School continue to win medals and eventually win the best Maths School Award in Britain when the P7’s are gone.”

“This is one of my favourite games about angles and polygons. It is called a Tangled Web.”

Our teachers have set us some challenges and we’ve had fun playing while learning about maths.

Manga High Game

Thank you

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