Loch Insh 2013

Every year in P7 you go on a residential trip to Loch Insh water sport centre. You do many activities on the Loch and on land. We went in September when it was not to cold or to warm. Loch Insh is not to far away a bus or car drive from Kingswells, it is close to Aviemore .

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The activities were fun but the instructors made it miles better by adding in challenges for each sport .  We some times played games with them.  They were helpful and supportive.  My friends and I were frightened to do some watersports but they reassured us.  They were cheerful despite being conscious of our safety.  They brightened up each activity and they always had a smile on their face.

Loch Insch 2013 2

At Loch Insh you do a range of activities on and off land.  My favourite was windsurfing but there was lots of good activities like: sailing,skiing,archery, raft building, problem solving and canoeing.  Some other good ones were kayaking, way finding, wide game, a boat trip and biking.

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In Loch Insh the accommodation was comfortable and the restaurant was clean and tidy at all times. Our rooms were warm and our beds were comfy.  We had nice and clean showers and bathrooms.  The Insh hall was a good place to relax and chill.

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We had a disco on the last night, it was really fun and the music was great. The lodge was very spacious.

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We will never forget our time at Loch Inch!

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