Kingswells Primary Annual Careers Fair

At the start of the calendar year (approx February/March), we hold a Careers Fair at school for the P6 and P7’s which consists of their top 13 career choices.  It is a very educational and worthwhile experience for the pupils and if you would like to take part in the next fair, please contact us.

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Lawyer - Carol Eddie (Ledingham Chalmers)

Lawyer – Carol Eddie (Ledingham Chalmers)

Dance Teacher - Sarah McNay

Dance Teacher – Sarah McNay

Accountant - Joanna Bruce

Accountant – Joanna Bruce

Blogger - Lesley Ironside

Blogger – Lesley Ironside

Vet - Gemma (Town & Country)

Vet – Gemma (Town & Country)

Football Coach - Ian Wilson

Football Coach – Ian Wilson

Architect -

Architect –

Police - Midge McKay

Police – Midge McKay

Doctor - Kevin Deans

Doctor – Kevin Deans

Software Developer - Steve Aitken

Software Developer – Steve Aitken

Chef - Graham Mutch (Holiday Inn)

Chef – Graham Mutch (Holiday Inn)

Scientist - Nicolas Robinson

Scientist – Nicolas Robinson

Teacher - Mr Heys

Teacher – Mr Heys

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