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Insight to School Dinners

Let me introduce our schools’ head cook, Christine Illingworth.  Christine and her team showed me around her very clean and organised kitchen at school and wanted to take the opportunity to show parents/carers a typical lunch for school dinners available to the children.

P1-P3’s have their 1 hour lunch from 12.30pm whilst the p4-P7’s have their lunch from 12.45pm.  The menu choice is always displayed in the hall.  The cooks display all the food available to see too.  Showing here, for mains, there is chicken pie, veggie burgers, tuna rolls and cheese rolls.  On the side are salad, plain and buttered bread, cooked vegetable and mashed potatoes.  For desserts, there are Angel Delight, fresh flavoured yogurts, biscuits, cheese and ready prepared fruit.  The fruit bowl looks amazing!

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There are 2 queues (left and right), both offering the same menu choice. After some valued feedback from the children, there are now Tropical juice as well as the usual apple juice, orange juice, milk and water.

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When queuing, the children hand over their lunch ticket to the cook as they’re about to choose their lunch.  If any child has forgotten their dinner ticket, don’t panic, they will still be given lunch but a note will be sent home with the child to explain that you owe them a ticket.  Please hand this to the kitchen team as soon as possible.

The cooks and teachers often encourage the children to try everything that is available (ie mains, sides and dessert) but yet there still seems to be a few that resist therefore resulting in a small and unbalanced lunch. Please encourage your child/children to choose a healthy and varied lunch before they set off for school.

If there are any queries, please contact Christine on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8.55 – 9.05am in the room located at the school office or alternatively you can contact Christine on 01224 745082.

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After lunch, the children are expected to clean away their plates by scraping leftover foods into the bins provided, soaking the cutlery in the allocated tubs, stack up their plates and neatly put the trays away.

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So here’s a group of happy customers when asked how their lunch was …





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