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Happy Retirement Mrs Glover: Parents Tea Party

After 7 years as Headmistress at Kingswells Primary School, Mrs Glover is paying the school a sad farewell at the end of this school term.  To start off her retirement, she is planning a lovely holiday in South America and then spending some well-earned time in her garden.

The parents who appreciate all that she has done over the last 7 years got together to buy some gifts and to give Mrs Glover a send off she would appreciate.

Mrs Glover (left) had no idea that she was going to be guest of honour at our local community centre with a traditional tea party, fancy cakes and gorgeous sandwiches.

Mrs Glover

The tables were set beautifully with bunting and balloons decorating the room.

Tea Party 2

Happy Retirement Balloon

Tea Party B

Tea Party A

When she arrived, she was completely surprised to see parents sitting waiting to chat.

Mrs Glover 2

photo (2)

There were several gifts for Mrs Glover and how she didn’t find out about it is a mystery as most of the children in school knew about the tea party and that there would be gifts.

Gifts from parents were a weekend break at Ballathie House in Perthshire, a set of pewter Aberdeen coasters with an additional Kingswells Primary one added to the set, champagne and champagne flutes.

A lovely bench for her garden was inscribed with:

“Thanks for inspiring us to be more than we thought we could be.”

Parents Gifts 2

Parents Gifts



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