• Please don’t struggle alone during this difficult and unusual time.

    If you need support please email kingswells@aberdeencity.gov.uk and a member of the management team will contact you.

    You can also call:

    Virtual School Helpline 01224 523322

    ACC Crisis Support Line 0800 0304 713

Virtual Tour

As our new families have not been able to visit our school we have created a virtual tour of parts of our building. Please use this link to see it. 


Be sure to go to settings and turn on narration to hear the tour. 

You could try our scavenger hunt to help your child make the most of the tour. 

Virtual Tour Scavenger Hunt

What is the name of our headteacher?

Name two activities which children were doing in P1.

What was your favourite activity which you saw in nursery?

What is the name of our janitor?

Name two activities which our gym hall is used for. 

What do we call the path which leads to our playground?

Film links for P1


As a school we make a lot of films and I have never felt so grateful for them.  Below is a list of films that have been created over the year and may be helpful in giving you an idea of what our school and activities in P1 look like.  If you look under the Spotlight on Learning tab on our website or search for Kingswells School on Vimeo you will find over 300 films that share learning and school life for pupils at all stages in our school. 

One of our current P1 teachers kindly made this film to show some of the learning from P1.  What will I do in P1?

These are really nice films to watch as they show pictures of everyday activities in P1 at the start of this school year, before we had even heard of Covid 19!  Although many of the activities in these videos won’t be possible at the start of the school year, hopefully later in the year they will.  

A day in P1GG https://vimeo.com/362143876

A day in P1LP https://vimeo.com/362137138

A day in P1/2JS https://vimeo.com/361029524

These films show some of the curricular work P1 children did in school this year.  

People who Help us by https://vimeo.com/371649597

Staying Healthy in P1 https://vimeo.com/378552292

P1 Curriculum Session for parents in school https://vimeo.com/365261361

Phonics https://vimeo.com/365509931