Requests for copy reports and verification of attendance

Requests for copies of previous years reports for applications for private or overseas schools and verification of attendance letters for the purpose of visa application should be put in writing to the school a minimum of 4 weeks before they are required.

These are completed at the discretion of the Headteacher and will be done as staffing restrictions allow.

Thank you.

New Play Equipment for the Playground

We are now in a position to order playground equipment to replace the Climbing Wall. Below are pictures of the equipment we have ordered. This been chosen by the pupils and will be paid for from the money raised from the sponsored walk 2 years ago and the Glennie Games this year. We are also lucky enough to have a donation of £1000 from the Community Centre, the PTA will generously contribute the £1600 raised from the Christmas Fair and we have also received a fantastic donation from an anonymous donor. We hope to have this installed in Term 3 and are anticipating that the children will be able to enjoy it in the Spring. Thank you to the Community Centre, our anonymous donor, the PTA and you the parents for helping make this possible.